While food may grab most of the glory, beverages have a seat at the table too. Think about a tall glass of iced tea on a hot summer day, a good wine with dinner, or a rich cup of coffee with dessert. Mixed drinks and cocktails are part of our culture too; think about all the famous scenes in movies, television, and books where the characters enjoy an adult beverage while the plot unfolds. Check out these great tasting mixed drinks from places around the world.

Ron Zacapa Blazer at Eau de Vie in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia

Ron Zacapa, always on the list of finest rums in the world, is flamed with Pedro Ximenez sherry and house bitters. That means exactly what you think. It is literally set on fire and served in an elegant silver chalice. This warm concoction is one of the best tasting mixed drinks in the world.

Cucumber Collins at Living Room at W South Beach Hotel & Residences in Florida

With vibrant colors as well as flavors, this drink uses Square One cucumber vodka along with yuzu juice, sake, and rice wine vinegar. Fresh cucumbers are stained by fresh lemon and blueberries and pickled in mirin. Finished with a deep purple bloom on top, it’s almost too lovely to drink. Almost.

Vanilla Chocolate Malt at Oxo Tower Bar in London

Dessert and drinks are one and the same with this good tasting mixed drink. Served in a milk-bottle-shaped glass with a straw, this blend of Absolut Vanilla vodka uses almond milk and Mozart dry chocolate spirit. Malted milk and vanilla sugar swirl in for a taste that’s right out of an old-fashioned soda fountain. Sip it while you enjoy the view of the Thames.

White Negroni at Gin Palace in New York

You probably guessed by the name that this place is all about gin, and this is one of the flagship concoctions. With a base-spirit proof of 114, the White Negroni packs a punch, so you don’t want to underestimate it. Like its Italian inspiration, it uses Bianco vermouth, Perry’s Tot gin, and Salers apéritif. It’s lighter than the original with hints of citrus.

Dropje Daiquiri at Tippling Club in Singapore

Whether you’re enjoying food, drinks, or both, this club is always on the edge of trendy. This is definitely not your mama’s strawberry daiquiri. It’s made with salted licorice from Holland, Venezuelan rum, citrus, and orange curaçao. It’s a little Cuban, a little Dutch, and a little Latin, but it’s all delicious.

Forever Young at Artesian Hotel Bar at The Langham in London

Everything about this beverage is inspired by “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” The presentation is elaborate. The drink itself is in a metal cup, but it’s set behind a mirror with opium incense flowing around. The mix of Grey Goose vodka, eucalyptus, citrus, Maraschino, and Martini Extra Dry is an experience for all your senses.

If you find yourself in any of these cities around the world, check out these places for the best mixed drinks on the planet. Enjoy them with good friends or cool strangers and make some memories.