Whether you’re a seasoned snowboarder or someone who’s just getting started, you probably regularly spend time searching out the best snowboarding destinations. After all, besides taking part in a pastime you love, going to one of them lets you explore a new place. What’s better than that? Here, we’ll look at some places you shouldn’t miss.

Try June Mountain, California for Some Morning Board Time

Maybe you prefer to ease into snowboarding by trying some beginner-level slopes first. Or maybe you truly are a novice and want to have fun while staying safe. In either case, California’s June Mountain has a large percentage of easier slopes.

Also, its relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere should help you feel at ease when you’re strapping on your board the first thing in the morning. June Mountain is smaller than some of the other resorts you may have visited. However, it’s free from the long lines and crowds that could tarnish snowboarding experiences.

Vail, Colorado.

Plan an Afternoon Trip to Vail, Colorado

Vail is an extremely popular skiing destination. More than just a place to enjoy the best snowboarding and skiing around, the resort offers a village where you can dine and shop, as well as a ski and snowboarding school.

As for the specific snowboarding facilities, there is a trio of half-pipes, plus 12 runs. Even better, the culture surrounding Vail is extremely accommodating to snowboarders. That means you won’t go there and feel like you’re at a ski resort that only offered snowboarding facilities as an afterthought.

Going in the afternoon could help you avoid the people who start snowboarding as soon as the resort opens. You might also consider planning a trip late in the season, because you might be able to get discounted tickets.

Snowboard at Night at Bulgaria’s Bansko Resort

Bulgaria may not be the first place you’d think of as a snowboarding destination, but its Bansko Resort is an internationally renowned facility for snowboarding and skiing alike. Even better, many of the snow-covered areas within the grounds are equipped with floodlights, so you can snowboard even after the sun goes down.

Many people put Bansko on their must-do lists because the rates are substantially less than you might expect. Plus, the resort has invested a significant amount of money to ensure the offerings are modern and appealing.

Thredbo in New South Wales, Australia.

Enjoy Post-Sundown Snowboarding at Thredbo

You’ll find Thredbo in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. It’s a favorite among people who enjoy skiing and snowboarding, and after visiting, you’ll understand why. There are numerous opportunities to keep snowboarding after dark at Thredbo.

In addition to typical night snowboarding options, you can participate in Flare Runs. These beloved events involve people snowboarding or skiing while carrying flares. The result is a crowd-driven, light-filled masterpiece. There is even a kids’ version of that event, in case you’re thinking of traveling with little ones. Planning to go? The Flare Run for adults happens on Saturdays, while the children’s version occurs on Thursdays.

Thanks to these suggestions, you have some prime picks of places to learn or showcase your snowboarding skills. All that’s left to do is arrange accommodations and transportation and buy lift tickets, all right here on GoDoTrip.