Whether you’re a ski buff or you’ve been itching to hit the slopes for the first time, this winter is the perfect time to take a skip trip. Not sure how to start planning your snowy getaway? Find out how to create last-minute ski trip itineraries so that your get-away is packed with fun.

Decide on a Budget

Last-minute skiing holidays can get expensive quickly, especially if you’re planning just a few days or a couple of weeks in advance. Whether you’re planning a budget-friendly trip or a high-end getaway, it’s in your best interest to decide on a budget up front.

So what should you factor into your last-minute ski trip budget? First, you’ll need to consider the cost of getting to and from the ski resort. Next, plan for the price of lift tickets, which could include day or week passes. Add in the cost of any lessons you plan to take and the price of any equipment you’ll need to rent or buy. Don’t forget extras such as meals, drinks and other entertainment.

Choose an Awesome Ski Resort

It isn’t a ski trip without an awesome ski resort. Depending on where you’re heading, you could have tons of options that fall within your budget. For instance, you’ll find several resorts in Aspen, Colorado; plenty of ski lodges in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada; and countless skiing hotspots in the Milky Way, which stretches from Italy to France.

Know Your Skill Level

Ski trips can be a blast, whether you’re an accomplished skier or you’re slipping on skis for the first time ever. You’ll need to know your skill level when you’re deciding where to go, though. If you’re new to this snowy sport, consider choosing a ski area with tons of beginner terrain, like Snowmass, Colorado, or Big Sky Resort, Montana. If you’re an experienced skier and up for a challenge, try Jackson Hole, Wyoming, or Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

Consider the Timing

The beauty of last-minute skiing holidays is that they can be as brief or as long as you want. Just have a single day to work with? Set your sights on a nearby ski resort that you can reach within a couple hours’ drive. Have a whole week to take off? Think about heading overseas and checking off a bucket list resort.

Plan Off-the-Slopes Activities

The slopes make up a major part of any ski trip, but for some people, the fun starts after your time in the snow. Think about adding extras to your itinerary such as spa time, an amazing meal, or even ice skating. If you need a little culture to go with your skiing, consider a destination such as Beaver Creek, Colorado, or Interlaken, France, both of which offer art exhibitions, performing arts, and world-class cuisine.

You can plan the ski trip of your dreams, for whatever length of time, even at the last minute. Just use GoDoTrip to plan every moment of your ski trip itinerary, from hotels to excursions to extras, and you can’t go wrong!