Vacations are the perfect time to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect as a couple. Sometimes, though, kids get in the way of that peace and quiet. Adults-only resorts provide the perfect intimate experience when you’re looking to get away from it all. Better yet, you’ll find resorts tailored to the adults-only experience across the globe, so no matter if you’re escaping for the weekend or searching for a longer time away, there’s something out there for you.

What to Expect at an Adults-Only Resort

Adult-only resorts certainly have their perks. Whether you want to enjoy some quiet (or a rowdy good time!) without being interrupted by someone else’s kids or it’s time to reconnect as a couple on your next vacation, these resorts are the place to go.

Picture it now: You stay up late, then sleep in — as late as you want. Have a drink midday by the pool, or unwind at an hours-long, relaxing meal by the sea. Adults-only resorts let you skip the guilt and focus on yourself and your partner. Bring the kids on your next trip, but save this one for some grown-up days and nights.

The Perfect Place for Relaxation

Kids are great, but there’s no shame in yearning for a few free days without them. Enter the adults-only resort, that magical place that offers everything you ever wanted, often in an all-inclusive package.

Do you long for a day at the beach, followed by a romantic meal overlooking the water? Look for a resort that combines a prime beach location, like spots in the Caribbean or Mediterranean. At these resorts, you can relax at the pool, unwind at the spa, or sneak in some fun activities like games on the tennis courts or snorkeling at a picturesque beach nearby. These resorts also often boast top-of-the-line restaurants and dining experiences, which is the perfect treat to enjoy without the kids distracting you.


Pick Your Location, Anywhere in the World

You can find adult resorts anywhere, so whether you can only find someone to watch the kids for a few days or you have a longer time to indulge, there’s something out there for you. The Caribbean boasts lots of resorts catered specifically to adults. Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort in St. Maarten and Sandals Royal Bahamian in the Bahamas are only two options, with adults-only places offered everywhere from Puerto Rico to Antigua to Barbados.

If you’ve always wanted a romantic getaway to Europe, try it the adults-only way. Canaves Oia Hotel in Santorini, Greece, offers a luxury experience. For health and rejuvenation, venture to Thailand’s Chiva Som resort. Want to stay closer to home? Check out Auberge du Soleil in California’s Napa Valley for breathtaking views and unparalleled dining.

Adults-only resorts offer the perfect mix of intimate time as a couple and relaxing, fun experiences. Whatever area of the world you want to explore, you can find an adults-only spot to do it in style. For breathtaking beaches, fine dining, and couple time, adults-only resorts are the way to go.