When you’re traveling and need a car, do you really want to pay almost $100 a day? Would you feel better if you paid $90? Rental cars are a large part of a vacation budget. By applying a few tips, you can find the best rental car deals.

Rent Outside the Airport

Typically, airport rental agencies charge more for convenience. Add in facility charges and other fees and you’re looking at a big chunk of change you don’t have to spend. When you’re shopping for the best rental car deal, check agency offices away from the airport. Make sure to add in what it would cost you in cab or Uber fees to get there.

Shop, Shop, Shop

Shop around, using several websites. You can reserve a car most of the time without paying for it. This gives you time to check other companies. Once you find a rental you like, keep checking rates every few days. Sometimes companies drop rates without notice.

Think About Budget Rentals

Better known rental companies have more luxurious options, sure. Does it really matter what you’re driving on a vacation, especially since you’re only using it to get around? Budget companies rent small, compact cars for much less than “premium” rental companies do.

Choose a Single Driver

To get the best rental car deal, use only one driver. Many companies charge upwards of $15 per day to add a second driver onto a rental agreement. Some agencies waive the fees for spouses or partners. Ask about fee waiver requirements before adding a second driver.

Opt out of Extras

No, you don’t need rental car insurance and you’ll be pushed towards it. Most likely, your personal auto insurance policy will cover anything that happens. Credit card companies also include basic coverage if you pay for the rental with their card. Save that $30 bucks per day for something fun.

You don’t need to pay the agency for GPS in the car either. If you have a smartphone, use the navigation in Google Maps for free and save about $15 a day.

You don’t need to shell out big bucks for a toll pass when you’ll likely pay less in actual tolls. In Florida, rental agencies charge $25 every day for a SunPass whether you need it or not. Save that money unless you’re planning on driving through dozens of toll booths daily.

Price Gas Ahead of Time

Just say no to fuel service when you’re not planning on extended drives or you’re on a short trip.

If you think you’ll use a whole tank of gas, you could save a little with fuel service. Make sure you’ve researched what the cheapest gas prices are in the area. Apps such as GasBuddy list prices at local gas stations giving you a haggling point for fuel.

Skip It

Depending on where you’re going, you could skip a rental altogether and take public transportation, or walk. Hey… it’s always an option!

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