When you’re traveling with your golf clubs, you want to make sure they arrive in pristine condition. Nothing will ruin a golf vacation like damaged clubs, after all! Here are some tips and tricks for shipping golf clubs like a pro that will ensure your clubs arrive safe and sound at your destination.

Bundle Up The Clubs

Bundling up your clubs will help protect them when you’re shipping golf clubs. The part of the club where the shaft meets the head of the club is the most delicate part of the structure. If a golf club is standing alone in its travel case, that part becomes more susceptible to snapping.

Do as the pros do and bundle your clubs together to help prevent this problem. When clubs are bundled, it helps increase the chances that they stay strong. This is as easy as collecting the irons together and then wrapping them up in a towel.

Use The Covers

Another easy way to protect when you ship golf clubs is to keep the club covers on the clubs. After all, the head covers are there to protect them!

If left unprotected, dents and nicks can easily affect your clubs. Head covers help stop this from happening. You’ll know your clubs will get safely to their destination, and it’s easy to unpack once you arrive this way, too.

Don’t Be Afraid of Extra Padding

Golf clubs shipping can be stressful because you don’t want to cause damage to your clubs. Nothing can destroy a planned trip like golf clubs that arrive with damage. Take a cue from the club covers and embrace using padding for protection.

In fact, you can’t have too much padding! Beyond the covers, you can get some bubble wrap to give the clubs extra padding and protection during shipping. If you don’t have time to get bubble wrap, just throw in some extra golf clothing. This will have the same effect, and you need to get those clothes there anyway. Either way, you can securely wrap up the clubs in your bag or wrap around the bag while it’s in the box.

Get A Stiff Arm

Adding a stiff arm to your overall protection scheme can make a big difference. A stiff arm, which is just a travel club protector, can protect against unexpected impact. Unexpected impact at an unfortunate angle and force can cause significant damage to your clubs.

A stiff arm sticks down your golf bag to protect against this kind of impact. It acts as the tallest point of your bag, and as a result, it absorbs potentially-dangerous impact during transport. If you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative, you can also use a broomstick instead of buying a stiff arm to put in your bag.

Shipping golf clubs doesn’t have to be a hassle. By taking these easy steps, you can make sure you avoid any unnecessary damage to your clubs. Follow the lead of the pros and protect your golf clubs when you ship them.