When vacation time rolls around, some folks enjoy roughing it — they take to the woods with just a backpack and the open sky. A select few, however, love endless buffets, daily top-notch entertainment, and being utterly and indulgently pampered. If this description best fits you, cruising is the way to go. Which one you should choose all depends on what you’re looking for.

Family Fun

Cruising is becoming an increasingly popular choice for family vacations. Disney Cruise Line has you covered. Why pick a cruise that has only a few obligatory kid-friendly activities when you can leave your youngsters in the care of Goofy or Minnie Mouse for the entire day?

One of the best cruises offered is aboard the Disney Fantasy. This beauty voyages out of Port Canaveral in Florida. Various Caribbean and Bahamian adventures are available, ranging from three to 11 nights long, but our pick is the seven-night Star Wars-themed cruise to the Caribbean. The ship stops in Tortola, St. Thomas, and Castaway Cay — Disney’s private island paradise.

A Romantic Getaway

Windstar Cruises guarantees an experience full of romance and intrigue. Hop aboard the Wind Surf, the largest sailing cruise ship in the world. It holds a mere 310 passengers and focuses on Caribbean destinations. It sails out of European ports. Our favorite cruise departs from Venice and returns 10 days later. Explore Italy’s eastern coast, the gorgeous Bay of Kotor, popular Puglia, and mysterious Albania.

Windstar offers your typical cruise perks such as shows, shore excursions, and a terrific variety of food, but focuses on providing luxury cabin accouterments with plush bedding and L’Occitane bath products. Candlelight dinners, movies under the stars, glass-walled outdoor seating, and romantic live music all create an unparalleled experience for couples young and old.

Affordable Adventure

Cruises are a great way to get the most out your vacation budget, as cruise lines offer various levels of luxury. The only change is the type of stateroom you have, and since you’ll mostly use the room to sleep, you can enjoy the food and shows without the high price tag. Choosing an older ship in the cruise line’s fleet can save big bucks.

Cruising aboard the Carnival Infinity (launched in 2001 with a major overhaul in 2015) is a perfect option for newbies. The old-school amenities are charming without feeling cheap, and the suites are all refurbished. For well under $1,000, you can embark on a seven-day Alaskan cruise that departs from Vancouver, British Columbia. Stops are in Ketchikan, Sitka, Juneau, and Hubbard Glacier. Carnival has a reputation as a “party” line, so expect a lively atmosphere. It’s a great choice for singles looking to mingle!

Spectacular Sightseeing

For some, the actual cruise isn’t the focus of the trip — it’s the destination. Silversea Cruises will take you on a breathtaking voyage to lush New Zealand, which boasts some of the most awe-inspiring natural landscapes in the world. Try Silversea’s 10-night cruise out of Melbourne. The cruise line’s ships are among the few allowed in some of the biodiverse locations you’ll see.

Cruising is something that everyone must experience at least once, or forty times, in their lifetime. Go ahead and book one of these majestic voyages — you’re worth it!