Airport layovers are often a necessity, whether you have a long flight that’s not possible without a few legs, or you’re simply chasing down low ticket prices that come with a few obligatory stops. These brief breaks in your airborne travel can offer some intriguing opportunities when you use them right. Try these tactics to make the most of your time on the ground.

Stash Your Bags

Don’t succumb to shoulder strain and a sore back before you’ve even reached your destination. Lugging your bag around will put a damper on any layover. Take a load off and leave your luggage in a storage locker or another designated drop-off location. Just make sure you don’t leave bags unattended, lest you become the poster child for those repetitive security warnings.

Find a Peaceful Space

Airports are known for being noisy, crowded, and overwhelming. Find some peace before you face the trials of a cramped flight by seeking out a quiet, meditative corner of the airport. Though many people miss them, over half of airports in the United States have chapels where you can pray, meditate, or even attend a service. Of the 18 major US airports with chapels, 14 have at least one organized service.

Some airport chapels serve a designated faith, but many are interfaith. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport has an interfaith chapel in each of its five terminals. The Washington Dulles International Airport offers daily Jewish and Muslim prayer services and a weekly Catholic Mass and Protestant service. Albuquerque International Airport and Raleigh-Durham International Airport offer meditation rooms so you can center yourself before that potentially stressful flight.

Get a Workout In

If you have a layover of a few hours, don’t waste it seated in a stiff chair. Sneak in an invigorating workout routine. Yoga rooms are becoming increasingly popular across the US. You’ll find dedicated spaces for yoga practice at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, and Burlington International Airport in Vermont.

Philadelphia International Airport has stationary bikes throughout the terminals. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport features a two-mile indoor Sky Harbor Fitness Trail for a walk or jog around the gates. Designated walking routes are marked in many airports including Cleveland Hopkins Airport and the Indianapolis International Airport. Get your blood flowing between flights with these perks.

Peruse the Artwork

Rather than rushing past the artistic features of the airport, use your layover as a prime opportunity to really consider the pieces on display. Many airports have rotating art exhibits or permanent art installations. Miami International Airport hosts an interactive sound and light sculpture. Color and light add interest to the walkways at O’Hare as well. Explore your layover destination for intriguing pieces and take the time to really consider their message.

Make the most of your layover and take the time to stretch your muscles or your mind while you’re waiting between flights. Really dig into what the airport has to offer and you may be surprised at the fun features you’ll find.