Need to get away? Whether you’ve had it up to your eyeballs with work or you need to escape the local weather in favor of something that’s more comfortable, a vacation might be in order. Planning a last minute vacation doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive. Use the following tips to get the best deal possible on your next unexpected getaway.

Last Minute Packages do Exist

Travel websites often have a section that features last minute vacation deals. Airlines might be desperate to fill up flights, and hotels might be having trouble filling their rooms on certain dates. Take advantage of these companies’ drive to gather as much business as possible. Last minute vacation package deals, which could include hotel, airfare, and even a car rental, may present the best value for your precious travel dollars.

Be Willing To Go Anywhere

Often, the best deals are attached to destinations that aren’t popular during the current season. Places in the South, like beautiful Atlanta or even the stunning Florida Keys, where the weather tends to be warmer, might be less popular during summer, when the mercury really shoots upward. Northern destinations are emptier in the winter; check out Chicago! On the other hand, these places might have special events going on that drive prices up; for example, people flock to Chicago around Christmas to go shopping on the Mag Mile. Research the popular travel seasons for any destination that you’re considering, and be willing to be flexible.

You might even want to try a place that isn’t generally a tourist hotspot. For example, San Antonio and Savannah aren’t places at the top of many people’s bucket travel lists, but they offer low prices and some first-rate things to see and do.

If you have a valid passport, consider destinations outside the U.S. Sometimes, you can get a surprisingly cheap flight to an exotic country. Cambodia and Thailand have reputations for being affordable places to vacation. Just make sure that the country you’re going to doesn’t require you to apply for a tourist visa before you travel.

Don’t be Picky with Your Travel Dates

Don’t start your last minute vacation on a weekend; this is when flight prices tend to be the highest. If you can push your takeoff date until Tuesday or Wednesday, do it. These are usually the cheapest days of the week to fly. As an added bonus, there will be fewer people on your flight; you might even have a little room to spread out!

Stay Outside of Tourist Traps

The hotels that are closest to local attractions tend to be the most expensive. Unless you can get an unexpected last minute vacation deal at a centrally located hotel, look at accommodations that are a little farther from all the action. You might have to drive to the beach or the amusement park — and you might even have to learn the ropes of the local public transportation — but you’re likely to save money.

Some hotels that are farther from attractions even offer a courtesy shuttle that will take you anywhere within a certain radius either free of charge or for a small fee. If you’re staying at an off-brand hotel you’ve never heard of, be sure to read reviews from real travelers first so you don’t end up at a place that could be in a horror flick.

A vacation isn’t something that you have to plan for months in advance. When you need to take off, and you need to do it sooner rather than later, use your travel savvy to get a great deal on an amazing last minute getaway.