Family vacations provide rare opportunities for parents and their kids to spend time together, away from the hassles of everyday life. However, making the most of any vacation requires some careful planning. These tips can help you make sure your next family vacation is the best ever.

Plan Your Vacation Together

A family vacation should be an opportunity for the entire family to have fun, so make sure the planning process is a joint effort too. Otherwise, some family members may be left disappointed that the plans don’t reflect their tastes. It’s also easy for the people doing all the planning to feel overwhelmed.

Settle on a vacation destination together and brainstorm ideas for attractions and activities as a family unit. Ensure there’s at least one thing on your itinerary each member of your family really wants to do. Pack luggage with your child to ensure there are no tantrums about outfits and toys left behind when you reach your destination.

Find Accommodation That Meets All Your Requirements

Your accommodation should be your sanctuary after a long flight or drive and at the end of a busy day of sightseeing. So this part of your family vacation deserves careful consideration. Think about what you want your accommodation to deliver and look for hotels that fit the bill.

All-inclusive resorts like the Arizona Biltmore and Napili Kai Beach Resort in Hawaii are ideal for busy kids and parents who want to relax. Children will never be bored with their wide range of activities and parents can enjoy some couples time knowing their little ones are safely occupied. If you like vacationing on a budget you may prefer accommodation with in-room kitchen facilities or outdoor grills so you can make your own meals rather than eating out. Hotels with free Wi-Fi may also be important for families that can’t bear to unplug.

Create a Realistic Budget and Start Saving

Family vacations can be expensive, but they aren’t a lot of fun if you’re penny-pinching. It’s smart to create a realistic budget once you start making your travel plans. Research your travel and accommodation costs. Think about how much admission to attractions, restaurant meals, and shopping for souvenirs will add to your trip. Remember to add extra for travel insurance or unexpected expenses, like car breakdowns.

When you’ve calculated your figure, work out how long you have to save before your departure date to see how much you’ll need to save each month. Is this figure achievable? If not, you might have to rethink your travel plans. For example, if you’re looking for the excitement of a buzzing metropolis, Boston is a budget-friendly alternative to New York City.

Do your sums again until you create achievable travel plans. Then put aside what you need each month leading up to your departure. This will make sure you’re relaxed about your finances while you’re away.

With the planning out of the way, there’s nothing left for you and your family to do but start counting down the days until your next getaway!