Food travel satisfies your appetite for wanderlust and your tastebuds. It’s a wonderful way to see the world while experiencing some of the planet’s most unique meals. Curb your cravings with these exotic dishes worth traveling for.

Chow Down on a Meat Pie in Australia

When Americans talk about pies, they refer to sweet treats. But for Australians, pies are savory dishes with saucy meat fillings encased in flaky puff pastry. A classic meat pie is made with ground beef, but you’ll find meat pies with chicken, curry, and even national animals like kangaroo and emu. Enjoy yours as Aussies do with a liberal topping of tomato sauce (ketchup to you and me).

Australian chain outlets like Harry de Wheels and Pieface specialize in meat pies, but Australians know the best are found at local bakeries. Oven Crisp Bakery in the Western Australian towns of Bull Creek and Riverton and Rolling Pin Pies & Cakes in Victoria’s Ocean Grove, Queenscliff, and Geelong took top honors in the 2016 Great Aussie Pie Comp.

Savor Ohmi-Gyu Beef in Japan

Wagyu beef is known as the planet’s best beef. But if you’ve only sampled the Wagyu at American restaurants, you haven’t discovered how good it can be. Ohmi-gyu beef, a type of Wagyu from Takara Ranch, is regarded as the very best of the best. Its marbled fat makes every bite you take melt away in your mouth, leaving a subtle but rich beef taste behind.

Japan’s Imperial Palace claims Ohmi-gyu is one of the greatest beef stocks raised in the past 400 years. For this reason, restaurants simply grill it or serve it sashimi style so its natural flavors shine through. Try Ohmi-gyu beef at Steak House Yoshida in Kyoto or Restaurant Matsukiya Honten in Otsu.

Discover Pizza in Naples, Italy

Authentic Neapolitan pizza reminds American palettes that less is more. The pies are made according to the Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana’s stringent specs. Its 11-page document insists makers use sea salt, superior wheat flour, and one of just three types of fresh tomatoes. The dough is always hand-rolled and baked in a wood-fired oven. The sparse toppings and soupy centers take some getting used to, but they’re real taste sensations. You’ll find Naples’ oldest and best pizzerias on Via Tribunali, including Antica Pizzeria e Friggitoria Di Matteo and Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With A Sachertorte in Austria

The Sachertorte is one of Austria’s most famous desserts, so you might not realize the authentic cake is available in just one Viennese establishment. Austrian confectioner Franz Sacher invented the chocolate cake in 1832. He shared the recipe with his son Eduard, who put it on the menu when he opened Hotel Sacher in Vienna in 1876. Many believe Hotel Sacher wouldn’t have succeeded if not for the cake.

The Sachertorte recipe remains a fiercely guarded secret known only to the hotel’s chef today. Others have tried to make this dense but not overly sweet cake, but no one has ever succeeded.

Next time you book a vacation, consider your belly as well as your budget. Your tastebuds and taste for adventure will love you for it!