You don’t need to wait until you have kids to start planning your Disney trip. This theme park is the happiest place on Earth for all ages, and if you know which attractions are designed for an older crowd, you can have an incredibly fun adult Disney vacation. Follow these four suggestions to make the most of your time in Disney as an adult.

Go to Epcot

Out of all the Disney theme parks, Epcot is the best for an older audience. All the main attractions here are a bit too thrilling for a younger crowd, with rides like Mission: SPACE even being too intense for some adults. Test Track and Soarin’ are suited to a wider age group, but you’ll find fewer kids in general compared to the crowds at the Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom.

In addition to the rides, shopping and dining are two of the biggest appeals to Epcot — which is definitely a plus during an adult Disney vacation. Take a walk around the World Showcase and stop at each pavilion representing a different country from around the world. You’ll find many restaurants, such as Monsieur Paul in France and Via Napoli in Italy, that are well suited for couples in love and those who value an incredible meal.

Celebrate the International Food and Wine Festival

Epcot is already the best choice in terms of Disney for adults, but if you visit in the fall, you can participate in the International Food and Wine Festival. The celebration runs for seven weeks, and you’ll find even more food and shopping options than what’s normally on offer. Beverage and cheese seminars are held during the festival, for example, and you can attend to learn more about wine, beer, and spirits and sample some of the best cheeses from around the world. You can also meet and get some cooking tips from world-renowned chefs.

Head to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

If you’re a movie fan, the next best park for adults is Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Live performances of “Frozen” and the “Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!” are appealing to kids and adults. Rides such as The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster are good for adults and teens but often come with long waits. Use the Fastpass+ system to dodge the queue. Fans of Indiana Jones, The Muppet Show, and Star Wars will love Hollywood Studios.

Wax Nostalgic in the Magic Kingdom — But Plan Ahead

Magic Kingdom is arguably the top theme park for kids, but if you grew up loving Disney, you’ll want to snap some pictures with your favorite characters and feel like a kid again. Plan your visit around major holidays and school breaks to avoid crowds. Also, go to the Be Our Guest restaurant when you get hungry. This is the only spot in the Magic Kingdom where you can get some beer or wine.

Disney is an incredible park, and it’s not just for children or parents. You can have tons of fun as an adult flying solo or visiting with a few friends. Follow these few tips, and you’ll have a smashing good time in Kissimmee.