Copenhagen is the city you wish you could call home. Quaint, yet cosmopolitan and massive, yet cozy, this capital city of Denmark is one of the most breathtaking, progressive, and cultural masterpieces of Europe. If you’re planning a trip to Copenhagen, it’s tough to nail down a few ideas. Still, you can make every day count and find some spectacular attractions if you know where to look. Find out how to plan your trip with this handy itinerary.

When You Wake Up: Fuel Up With Some Breakfast

Although the danish is the delicious, eponymous, and popular pastry of Denmark, it’s not often part of the breakfast spread. Instead, most Danes opt for ymer topped with ymerdrys. Ymer is sour milk that’s a cross between buttermilk and yogurt. It’s often topped with ymerdrys, which is traditional Danish rye bread that’s chopped and mixed with brown sugar and fruit. This pairs with tea or coffee that may also contain ymer.

If you’re a bit apprehensive about trying sour milk and bread crumbs, don’t worry. Copenhagen has plenty of other options. Although it’s a relative newcomer to the scene, Moller Kaffe & Kokken, meaning Moller Cafe and Kitchen, is one of the new favorites for locals. It has a menu of about 20 small plates. All you need to do is pick the ones you want to make a unique breakfast all your own. Choose from yogurt with muesli, smashed avocado, or traditional bacon and eggs. The best part is that the restaurant is open until 4 p.m. every day.

christiansbor palace
The Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen.

Midmorning: Explore the Harbor Circle

Copenhagen has the awesome distinction of being one of the top biking cities in the world. With dozens of bike rental businesses, it’s easy to find one just about anywhere, and most are close to many of Copenhagen’s top hotels.

Once you have a pair of wheels, head to the Harbor Circle, which runs for a little over 8 miles along the canals and waterways in downtown Copenhagen. Along the way, you’ll find plenty of sightseeing and photo opportunities. Highlights include Christiansborg Palace, the Danish Royal Stables, and the Carlsberg Glyptotek fine art museum. If you head a bit north of this route, you can also see the famed 17th-century fortress called the Kastellet, as well as the Little Mermaid, which has become somewhat of a symbol of the city.

Christiania (also known as Freetown Christiania) in Copenhagen.

Lunchtime: Grab a Bite and Take Everything in

Copenhagen has a diverse mix of restaurants to grab a bite to eat for lunch, but if you want to act more like a local, walk to one of the hundreds of hot dog stands throughout the city. You can opt for the specialty or organic hot dogs, but for the tastiest treat, search for a polse car. The ristet is perhaps the tastiest of all and don’t forget to top it with traditional dressings like sweet pickles, remoulade, ketchup, mustard, and onions.

Now that you have lunch covered, head over to Kongens Have, which translates to the King’s Garden. Once the original, private gardens of King Christian IV’s Rosengborg Castle, the park appears like it’s out of a fairy tale, providing an awe-inspiring backdrop the 17th-century castle, which still stands today. Take your dog, find a park bench, and people-watch, or walk around and check out the statues, flowers, and pop-up art exhibits that occur during summer.

tycho brahe planetarium
The Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen.

Afternoon: Get Some Culture at Some Amazing Museums

Once you’ve had your fill of lunch and the gardens, it’s time to check out some of Copenhagen’s world-class museums. If you’re planning on staying a few days, it’s best to pick up the Copenhagen Card. This card gives you access to 79 different museums and attractions without having to pay admission for each one. If you’re a history buff, don’t miss out on the National Museum, which showcases exhibits dating back to the Stone Age and Viking Age.

The Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen.

Evening: Eat Dinner and Visit Tivoli Gardens

With an endless amount of eateries, it’s difficult to figure out just where to get some dinner. The answer lies in what you like to consume. Starting at about $50, you can head over to Radio and get some tapas that are perfect to share with others. If you want something authentic, try Frikadeller, which are delicious Danish pork meatballs. Once you’re done stuffing your face, bike or walk over to the Tivoli Gardens. Built in 1843, this theme park is one of the oldest in the world, and there’s nothing more breathtaking than seeing it at night.

No matter what your interests are, Copenhagen has something that’s sure to inspire you and create a memorable experience that will last a lifetime. All you need to do is book your trip, and you can do it right here on GoDoTrip.