Paris is a wildly popular destination that’s a delight any time of the year. With an average annual high of about 61°F and an average low of 48°F, you’ll always be comfortable in the City of Lights. Brimming with attractions that boast global fame, this city offers more than you could possibly do in a day. Still, one must try. Use this sample itinerary for a smart start to an unforgettable stay.

Early Morning: Hit Bob’s Bake Shop

Breakfast fare is scarce in Paris, where the fit and fashionable munch on a quick croissant. Bob’s Bake Shop, while still heavy on bakery fare, offers a bit more of the hearty morning flavor Americans are accustomed to. Order the famous bagels plain, as a sandwich, or with one of the many toppings on the menu, ranging from cream cheese to a rich feta spread.

Notre Dame
The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Midmorning: Admire the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris

This stunning cathedral is open to the public free of charge every day of the year. It sits in the center of Paris on an island in the Seine River. This masterpiece took 200 years to complete, so spend more than a minute taking it in. Ascend the towers or descend to the crypt; there are historical and architectural highlights to enjoy at every level of the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris.

Noon: Choose a Menu at l’Envie du Jour

L’Envie du Jour, which translates to the Envy of the Day, serves two delicious menus each day. Choose from Chef Sergio Dias Lino’s daily creations for a midday meal that’s sure to fill your belly and fuel your legs for the rest of the day’s explorations.

Grand Palais
The Grand Palais in Paris.

Afternoon: Explore the Grand Palais

The Grand Palais features an ever-changing selection of art exhibitions housed in a stunning domed hall, originally constructed in 1900. From Rodin to Chagall, you never know what you might find. Squeeze the Grand Palais into your day for an enlightening afternoon experience.

Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Early Evening: Visit the Eiffel Tower

The iconic Eiffel Tower is something you should really take in twice. A daytime visit gives you unforgettable views of the surrounding city. However, you must see the sparkling lights of le Tour Eiffel after dark as well. Plan your visit for the early evening so you can see the transparent first floor, panoramic second-floor views, and a breathtaking lift to the top around sunset. Stay nearby to watch it light up as nighttime falls.

Dinnertime: Dine at L’Astrance

Do you panic over the challenge of identifying the best bites on a tantalizing menu of unfamiliar delights? Let L’Astrance take over so you can sit back and enjoy your meal without that pang of worry over whether you’ll covet your partner’s entrée more. There’s no menu here, just the chef’s whimsy of the day with a surprise selection of wines. Dine with confidence — Chef Pascal Barbot won’t let you down.

With over 18 million international overnight visitors in 2016 alone, Paris is a city to be reckoned with. Don your most fashionable walking shoes and prepare to hit the chic streets of France.