Vienna, the capital city of Austria, is the most popular destination in the country and is full of architectural wonders, natural beauty, scrumptious food, and world-class entertainment. If you’ve never been to the city before, you’ll have plenty of fun exploring everything this city has to offer. Before you head out on your trip, discover the top attractions and destinations using this convenient itinerary.

Early Morning: Grab Some Breakfast

Vienna is a compact city, making it simple to explore the city on foot, but you’ll need to fuel up before heading out on your all-day adventure. For an authentic Viennese breakfast, look for a menu that reads “Wiener Fruhstuck.” This traditional breakfast consists of coffee and a bread roll or croissant with your choice of honey, butter, or jam. It’s light, yet satisfying, giving you the energy you need without putting you into a food coma. This is available at nearly every breakfast joint in the city.

If you’re searching for something that breaks from tradition, the Guesthouse should more than suffice. The egg-centric dishes feature fresh ingredients ranging from smoked salmon to sautéed mushrooms. Put it all together in an eggs benedict for a rich, delectable, mouthwatering meal.

St stephens cathedral
The St. Stephens Cathedral in Vienna.

Midmorning: See the Iconic Buildings

Architecture is one of the selling points of Vienna for tourists, so if you’re interested in the subject, you’ll find Vienna your own personal paradise. The St. Stephen’s Cathedral is perhaps the most iconic building in the city. Completed in 1160, this cathedral is one of the oldest buildings in Europe, showcasing Gothic and Romanesque styles. Even if you aren’t religious, take a visit during Mass for an aural and visual experience unlike any other.

Another place you have to see is the Schönbrunn Palace. Built in 1696, this building was the home of the Habsburgs for several centuries. Featuring over 1,400 rooms of pure opulence, the palace is fun to explore and imagine what life would have been like for one of Europe’s noblest families. Once you’re done exploring inside, head outside to the gardens for excellent photo ops of Vienna’s top attraction. Because of its popularity, it can get crowded. However, if you arrive early, you can manage to avoid the crowds.

Noon: Get Some Street Food

Like many large European cities, Vienna has plenty of street food for a traveler that needs a quick lunch. Vienna sausage stands are ubiquitous, and just about everywhere you turn, you’re sure to find one. The Würstelstand Leo is the oldest and most popular of these food stalls, serving up sausages, hot dogs, and more. If you’re starving or you want to split something, opt for the Big Mama, which comes with a giant sausage, bread, and sides of your choosing.

stadtpark central park
The Stadtpark Central Park in Vienna.

Afternoon: Head to the Zoo

Situated right on the grounds of Schonbrunn Palace, the Vienna Zoo is the oldest zoo in the world. Opened in 1752, the zoo has a mix of modern and old buildings, providing a spectacular backdrop seen few other places in the world. It houses some of the rarest species in the world and others on the endangered list including pandas, sloths, polar bears, and more. A replica Amazon rainforest invites guests to walk through and see animals in their “natural” habitat while an aquarium displays thousands of sea life.

Throughout the day, you can also see feedings of different animals. If you’ve never seen a cheetah scarf down meat or a koala lazily chow down on eucalyptus leaves, make sure to plan your visit around these feedings.

Vienna state opera house
The Vienna State Opera House in Vienna.

Evening: Eat Viennese Delicacies

Although Vienna doesn’t receive the same accolades as a food mecca compared to some other European cities, it has quite a few dishes you won’t find anywhere else, or at least not done as well as the Viennese. Wiener schnitzel is the official dish of the city, featuring a thin cut of meat coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried. Often, this pairs quite nicely with spätzle, a soft egg noodle that’s prepared in butter and covered with various toppings such as onion, lentils, or cheese. Founded 110 years ago, many locals swear that the best of both these items is found at Figlmueller, known as the home of the schnitzel.

Tafelspitz is another purely Viennese dish that’s sure to quell your hunger. It’s essentially boiled beef served with vegetables and a hearty broth. To eat it like a local, drink the broth before devouring the meat and veggies. Plachutta has arguably the best tafelspitz in the city, but locals are always in a heated debate about which restaurant serves the tastiest version.

With so many amazing options to explore and take in, Vienna is a traveler’s wonderland. Thankfully, GoDoTrip makes it easy to plan a trip to see all the points of interest for a vacation you won’t soon forget.