London’s tourism has hit record highs in recent years, with 4.3 million visitors flocking to the city in 2016 alone. This marks a 25 percent increase over 2010 numbers, showing that this stunning city is at no risk of fading from the holiday-goer’s landscape. A historic city with a thrilling modern face, London offers plentiful highlights to fill your day.

Early Morning: Start with a Full English Breakfast

No stay in London is complete without at least one full English breakfast in the morning. At the Hawksmoor Guildhall, you can order a hearty breakfast for two with bacon chop, short-rib bubble & squeak, grilled bone marrow, and unlimited toast amid its vast offerings.

Portobello Road Market
The Portobello Road Market.

Midmorning: Shop the Portobello Road Market

The Portobello Road Market offers a broad selection of specialty stalls selling antiques, produce, clothing, and bric-a-brac. On Fridays and Saturdays, you’ll find a bit of everything, with hundreds of stalls lining the streets with one-of-a-kind finds. Antiques are not available Monday through Thursday. The market is far quieter on these weekdays and offers a smaller selection of housewares, vintage apparel, and fruit and veg. The market is closed Sundays.

Noon: Enjoy Savory Pastries for Lunch

Forget about the standard sandwich, and enjoy your London lunch in pastry form. The Battersea Pie Station serves hot savory lunch pies with fillings like mince beef and onion, chicken and mushroom, or steak and kidney. Check the specials board for a sweet dessert pie to finish off your meal.

Crème de la Crêpe offers another take on savory pastries. Try the Gone Fishin’ crepe filled with smoked salmon or go for the vegetarian Italian Job packed with homemade pesto, tomatoes, and rich goat cheese. Pick a sweet crepe to finish off the indulgence. The French Kiss is particularly decadent with dark chocolate and Grand Marnier.

Afternoon: See the City From Above

Soar nearly 443 feet in the air on the Coca-Cola London Eye. As the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in the world, this attraction offers incomparable 360-degree views of the surrounding cityscape. Each rotation takes about a half-hour. On a clear day, you can see approximately 25 miles into the distance. Elevate your experience by taking two rotations and adding a wine tasting, Champagne tasting, or chocolate and truffle tasting.

The Making of Harry Potter
The Making of Harry Potter at Warner Bros. Studios Tour London.

Late Afternoon: Put Your Wizardry to the Test

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter offers an immersive experience that lets you experience the films in a whole new way. You can view the Hogwarts Express, witness sets from the movies, and step into the backlot to see how the magic was made. Complete your tour with a chilled mug of butterbeer for the full experience.

Dinnertime: Experience the Medieval Banquet

The Medieval Banquet offers equal parts satisfying food and distinctive entertainment. You’ll enjoy sword fighting, period-appropriate music, and other live entertainment as you eat. The filling banquet menu includes vegetable soup, a meat and cheese platter, roast chicken and vegetables, and a fruit pie with cream.

A single day in London isn’t nearly enough to experience it all. Don’t be surprised when this taste of the city leaves you wanting more.