“Keep Austin Weird” is the mantra that keeps Texas’ capital city among the top destinations in the country. It’s certainly a strange place that’s the result of mingling by hipsters, college students, yuppies, and old-school Texans. With such a breadth of influences, tastes, and ideas, Austin has an interesting array of sights and activities. Use this guide to help plan your trip to Austin without missing out on top attractions every visitor should see.

hope outdoor gallery
The Hope Outdoor Gallery in Austin.

Early Morning: Get Some Grub and Take a Dip

As long as you wait 30 minutes to hop in the water after you eat breakfast, this portion of your trip is sure to become a memorable one. The Omelettry is one of Austin’s most famous places to get a hearty breakfast, and there’s no doubt you should immediately opt for the eponymous omelette. Since 1978, this local favorite has served all walks of life thanks to 11 different eggy concoctions, so there’s definitely something for everyone.

Once you’ve scarfed down an omelette, it’s time to go to one of Austin’s most famous attractions: the Barton Springs Pool. Fed by natural springs situated under this 3-acre public swimming area, the temperature is 68 to 70 degrees year-round, making it ideal for a swim no matter what the outside temperature. It’s located in Zilker Metropolitan Park, which is about a 45-minute walk from downtown. However, this walk will let you digest your food while soaking in the sights and sounds of the pristine urban setting. That’s a win-win situation.

University of texas austin
The University of Texas Austin in Austin.

Noon: It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

If you’re like many visitors to the capital city, you probably want to get into the city’s entertainment scene by imbibing a few Lone Star beers or a few cocktails. Fortunately, there are places all over the city to enjoy a drink while getting a little something for a snack. On a Sunday, don’t miss your chance at Stubbs. This iconic Austin restaurant has an all-you-can-eat Gospel music brunch paired with the famed Bloody Mary Bar, giving you a superb one-two punch to start your day.

The Easy Tiger on Sixth Street is another awesome choice. Half German bakery and half beer garden, the Easy Tiger makes it quick and simple to down a couple of brews and enjoy the outdoors. Another superb plan is to grab a couple of beers and walk around town and sample one or many of Austin’s food trucks. They dot the landscape from the urban core to the suburbs, and there’s nothing better than these trucks, serving up everything from Thai food to cupcakes.

Lady bird lake
The Lady Bird Lake in Austin.

Afternoon: Sightseeing Time

Whether you want to get some exercise or just enjoy a short saunter through the city, Austin has many options. Lady Bird Lake is a riverlike reservoir that stretches along downtown Austin, flowing with the surge of the Colorado River. For a stellar view of the city, rent a canoe, kayak, or paddle board from vendors like EpicSUP.

If you aren’t a water sports enthusiast, fear not. There are still plenty of other activities to do during the afternoon in Austin. One of the rites of passage of new residents is to make a trip to the top of the Baylor Street Art Wall. Located at 11th and Baylor, this graffiti wall in simply wonderful. Climbing to different levels reveals new artwork, and it seems like it would take several visits to explore it all. Plus, it offers yet another stunning view of the city.

bat colony
The Bat Colony in Austin.

Early Evening: See the Bats

Once you’re done sightseeing, stop by a food truck or get a quick bite en route to the Congress Avenue Bridge. From March to November, this becomes the backdrop for one of the craziest and one-of-a-kind scenes in Austin. Over 1.5 million bats call the underside of this bridge home, and when the sun goes down, they head out to find prey, creating a scene unlike any other.

lbj library museum
The Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum in Austin.

Late Night: Hit Up Sixth Street

If it’s your first time to Austin, you have to at least walk down Sixth Street. While many locals may say it’s a touristy spot, it’s well worth the trip to have some drinks and see what the Live Music Capital of the World is all about. From punk rock to blues to electronic dance music, there’s a scene for everyone, depending on the day. The Parish is an excellent place to start your music journey. It features burgeoning musical acts, as well as regional and national ensembles. Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar is one of the non-chain piano bars that’s not as corporate as some of the others around the country. If you’re ready to soft rock but also get a few laughs, don’t hesitate to go inside.

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