Rome, Italy is a massive city, full of history and beautiful landscape. Each neighborhood within the city has plenty to offer any tourist. Whether you are interested in art, architecture, history, food, or want to experience it all, visit these neighborhoods to get your fill.

Quirinal palace
The Quirinal Palace in Rome.

Early Morning: Trevi

Begin your tour with the Trevi neighborhood and a morning espresso from Illy. Home to the Palazzo Colonna, the National Gallery of Ancient Art, the Quirinal Palace, and both the Trevi and Berini Triton Fountains, this is the spot for art history buffs.

square colosseum
The Famous Square Colosseum in Rome.

Mid-Morning: EUR

South of the city center is EUR (Esposizione Universale Roma). This area is the birthplace of the fascist era of Italy, and it’s full of World War II history. The famous Square Colosseum located here was commissioned by Mussolini for the 1942 World’s Fair. Walk along the artificial lake in the center of the town and take in all of the modernist architecture.

Noon: Trastevere

This neighborhood is the perfect spot for lunch, with numerous bakeries and restaurants lining the streets. Stop at Ai Bozzi to enjoy an outdoor table with an antipasti plate and fresh calamari. Walk a few blocks to Le Levain for a pain au chocolat pastry to round out your meal. For some post-lunch exercise and a breathtaking view of Rome, climb the Gianicolo (or Janiculum), the second-tallest hill in the city.

Afternoon: Pigna

Home to the Pantheon, the historical district of Pigna is a must-visit spot. In this neighborhood you’ll find the ruins of Largo di Torre Argentina, where Julius Caesar was said to have been murdered. Stand on the steps where Mark Antony gave his famous speech to his friends, Romans, and countrymen.

Capitoline hill
The Capitoline Hill in Rome.

Late Afternoon: Campitelli

Full of ancient temples and ruins, the Campitelli district is the hot-spot for tourists. Find the Colosseum and Roman Forum here. You will also find Rome’s version of Capitol Hill: Capitoline Hill. This is the area in which architecture is older than most will see in a lifetime, and it should not be missed.

Evening: Prati

Finish off your day of touring Rome’s neighborhoods with dinner and shopping in Prati. This area is just north of Vatican City and is home to two great shopping streets: Via Ottaviano and Via Cola di Rienzo. Here you will find everything from handmade Italian leather goods to gourmet coffee.

Enjoy classic Italian dining at Hostaria Dino e Toni. Order a pizza or pasta alla carbonara and eat like a local.

Visit the eclectic neighborhoods of Rome for an unforgettable experience among ancient ruins and modern class.