Before your buddy ties the knot, the bachelor party provides your group of friends a chance for one last chance at mayhem. While most bachelor parties model themselves after “The Hangover” or something similar, this isn’t always the best choice. Tailoring a party to meet the interests of the groom is the best choice, while some off-the-wall surprises are always a nice touch. If you’re planning a bachelor party and are tired of the same old thing, here are a few tips that will whisk your friend off to married life with a bang.

Shoot Off Some Guns

Even if you aren’t a gun enthusiast, there’s something about firing off a few rounds that’s empowering to even the most passive people. Most gun ranges offer discounted packages for several participants, as well as a safety and shooting class prior to taking matters into your own hands. If you’re already planning a trip to Vegas, you may want to consider Battlefield Vegas. This boutique shooting range allows you to handle strange and rare weaponry like a World War II-era German Luger or an Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick style mini-gun. For those with a $2,500 budget, you can even have the bachelor hop behind a British Abrams tank to crush a car. Now that’s a way to go out in style.

Motorized Sports

You don’t have to do a backflip on a snowmobile to have fun with motorized vehicles. Most of the time, you’ll find it more than enjoyable to push the limits of a dirt bike, motorcycle, or even an exotic car. Several places offer the chance to get behind the wheel of any of these vehicles, and when you’re done, you can always say that you know what it’s like to drive a Ferrari or another sweet ride.

See Your Favorite Team in Another City

Another awesome bachelor party idea is to see your favorite team in another city. Hopefully, your team is in-season when you plan to host the party. If that’s the case, you can drive or fly to the city, buy tickets, and get heckled by the opposing team’s fans. Even if your team doesn’t win, there’s something intriguing about trying the delicacies of a stadium, sipping a rare beer, or just soaking up the experience.


If you find skydiving a bit stereotypical or the groom is terrified of heights, there are other extreme sports that aren’t nearly as nerve-wracking. One of those is zorbing. During this event, you’re strapped into a giant inflatable ball and pushed down a hill. As you barrel down the course, you’re hurled to and fro with reckless abandonment. To up the ante, ask to fill the ball with water or have two people in the ball at the same time. There’s something about being shoved down a hill in a giant ball that screams good time.

There is a seemingly endless amount of options for a bachelor party, and there’s really no wrong choice. When in doubt, consult the groom for ideas, and tweak them to make a truly memorable last shindig.