Do you ever wish you could bare it all confidently on the beach? Do you long to strut your stuff without fear of people gawking at you? By “getting away from it all,” do you mean getting away from your clothes and wardrobe that tie you down when you’re back home? If so, we have the perfect beaches for you. Visit these four clothing-optional beaches next time you want to go au naturel.

Adegas Beach, Odeceixe in Portugal

Portugal is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe during the summer. Pale Germans and cheeky Brits travel to Lisbon, Porto, and Sintra to enjoy the water and sip local port and sherry. Off the beaten path, you can find Adegas Beach in Odeceixe.

There are seven official clothing-optional beaches in Portugal, many of which are located next to their clothing-required counterparts. If you’re thinking about spending a few weeks this summer enjoying the sun between your cheeks, consider renting a car and exploring the seven naked beach wonders of this country.

Pinho Beach, Santa Catarina in Brazil

People like to joke that the tiny string bikinis found in Brazil seem to make every beach a natural, or clothing-optional, beach — especially when men break out equally small speedos. However, Pinho Beach has special history in Brazil and opened in 1987 as the first sanctioned natural beach. Many locals insist that clothing is banned from the beach, even though it’s just optional.

Tourists visit this city from December through February, when the population quadruples from Argentine and Uruguayan visitors. If you’re looking for a quiet getaway from people as well as clothing, consider booking your stay outside of these months.

Hidden Beach Resort, Riviera Maya in Mexico

If you’re looking for a private clothing-optional resort along with your beach, consider the Hidden Beach Resort in Mexico. A natural mangrove jungle and plenty of walls around the area ensure privacy for guests, so you don’t have to worry about baring it all around people who aren’t as comfortable with the clothing-optional lifestyle.

This resort is known for its top-notch beaches and outstanding lazy river. Clothing is optional for guests, but public displays of affection are not allowed. Plenty of clean towels around the resort ensure the level of cleanliness you expect from five-star service.

Wreck Beach, British Columbia, in Canada

While you might normally think about tropical beaches for walking around au naturel, Canada also has clothing optional beaches that are worth visiting. Wreck Beach is named for a wrecked ship that used to lie stuck in the sand. Currently, the beach is three miles long and is also a sanctioned nesting ground for bald eagles. Take in the view of the sprawling mountains or dive into the cool waters on a hot summer day. Even though Canada has a reputation for being cool, it’s still critical to pack sunscreen to protect your skin on sunny days.

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