Welcome to Houston, Texas, one of the nation’s most outstanding places to visit. During your stay in Houston, you’ll enjoy impeccable sunshine, strong heat, and plenty of events and people watching. Read on to learn about how to fill your day.

Arrive at the Airport

The main airports in Houston are the George Bush Intercontinental Airport and the William P. Hobby Airport.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport

The George Bush Intercontinental Airport welcomes international and domestic flyers. As the main airport for the fifth largest metropolitan area in the U.S., it offers outstanding amenities, excellent food, and convenient transit into the city.

If you’re hungry after your flight, then stop at any of the delicious restaurants. Bam Bam is an upscale restaurant that features vegetarian options. If you’d prefer casual fare to-go, then there is the Camden Food Co, Blaze Pizza, Cinnabon, and many more treats.

Once you’re satiated and ready to get on with your journey, there are a number of options of how to get into the city. See if your hotel has a courtesy shuttle from the airport. If not, then the public transportation will do just fine, as it will take you to the metro station downtown. There are also rentals cars and taxis available from the airport.

William P. Hobby Airport

The William P. Hobby Airport is a smaller airport that services American Airlines, Delta, jetBlue, Southwest Airlines, and Via Air. When you arrive, you can pick up any last minute items you need in their relaxing shopping areas, which include Benefit Cosmetics and Best Buy automated kiosks, an eSavvy technology store, Brookstone, and more retailers.

If you just can’t wait to get into Houston, there are public transportation buses that will take you into downtown in about one hour.

Early Morning

They say breakfast is the best meal of the day. In Houston, it’s true. Get ready for an amazing day full of non-stop festivities by placing some nutrition and relaxed fare in your belly. Houston boasts some of the best breakfast joints around. If you’re in the mood to choose, then consider “Snooze: An AM Eatery.” This happening joint is fully renovated, with a menu packed with delicious vegan eats.

At the Snooze, you’ll be energized and ready-to-go for a full day of excitement, thanks to Juan’s Breakfast Tacos, which come fully loaded with sumptuous scrambled eggs, hash browns, cheese, hollandaise, and Pico de gallo. If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for the to-die-for pineapple upside down pancakes. Filled with caramelized pineapple chunks, English vanilla cream, and cinnamon butter, there’s no better way to tempt a hearty appetite than a morning in Houston!


If you’re an urbanite, then the first stop for you once the shops open their doors is the energetic downtown center. Head over the GreenStreet, where you’ll find all the trendy shops, such as BCBG, Lucky Strike, and House of Blues. Technology lovers can pick up the latest gadgets at stores like Radio Shack, and you can take care of all your traveling needs with the area’s banks and markets.

While you’re downtown, consider taking a stroll or grabbing a snack in the East End of the downtown center (also called “EaDo”). Once upon a time, this area was the home of the Chinese population, and in many ways, you can still experience the fine culture there. Delicious ethnic cuisine and specialty shops abound. Recently, fantastic shopping and high-scale eateries have been developed even further in this area, making this a must-see for young professionals and adventurers.

If you’re a creative type of person, then don’t miss out on visiting the local Texas Art Asylum in EaDo, which is a place of true creativity. There, you’ll find nifty crafts, original antiques, and other pre-loved items. You’ll find tons of inspiration to get you in the mood to either buy or to make something new. From its broad selection of jewelry items, fabrics, trinkets, and more, this famous shop is an art lover’s paradise. Check out this unique enterprise at 1719 Live Oak Street.

Hermann Park
Hermann Park in Houston.


Once you’ve had your downtown shopping fix, it’s time to feel educated in Houston’s famous Museum District. Begin at Hermann Park, a lovely and spacious 445-acre site. Options for what to do at the park include checking out the Houston Garden Center, taking the kids to the Houston Zoo, or visiting the Pioneer Memorial Log House Museum, all of which are easily accessible from the grounds.

If you’d like to get started with the indoor museum facilities, then you’re only a walk away from the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Menil Collection Art Museum, or the 1940 Air Terminal Museum. Better yet, check out the Children’s Museum of Houston for a fun-filled day dedicated to kids. From science to crafts and amazing technologies, children will be amazed by its many worlds of wonder.

Houston Space Center
Houston Space Center in Houston.


No trip to Houston, Texas is complete without a visit to the famous Houston Space Center. Get to know all about NASA and take a tour. It’s a fantastic stop for families, couples, and singles.

Space is not the only topic on display at the Houston Space Center. In fact, this summer, you’ll find the incredible “Science Fiction Future Exhibit,” brought to you by Coca-Cola. Through this exhibit, the Space Center has amalgamated to top of the top of scientific technologies that will fascinate and bewilder both children and adults. It far surpasses any local town science exhibit. Come by to experience some of the following:

  • Meet advanced-technology robots who can observe you and mimic your impersonations.
  • Learn how you can actually move objects with your mind with new technology.
  • See how you can change reality as you perceive it.

This summertime exhibition at the Space Center provokes the imagination and offers non-stop inspiration.

NRG Stadium
The NRG Stadium in Houston.

Late Afternoon

Just because you’ve made it out of the space museum in one piece doesn’t mean it’s time to stop being spaced-out. Your next stop is a more relaxing but still exciting journey to the Burke Baker Planetarium. This fully loaded theater in the heart of the Museum of Natural History will show off its Digistar 5 features, offering the best planetarium software and projection in the world as the show takes you through the universe.

At the planetarium, you can check out the latest innovative exhibitions, such as “Dark Universe.” With this one, you can take a break from our galaxy and hop over to Jupiter. When you’re bored of that planet, consider checking in on the Big Bang and into the mysteries of dark matter.

If you’re seeking an event other than space-travel why not see what’s on at the NRG Stadium? The NRG Stadium is a multi-use theater where you can catch a Houston Texans game. Not only that, but the center hosts regular high-profile events and carnivals. Consider coming to Houston in time for the Livestock Show and Rodeo in March, and top it all off with a concert at the Stadium.


After going back and forth in your space and museum travel, you’re probably hungry. Grabbing nachos or a pizza in your hotel might sound good, but the way to go in Houston is to visit the Lucky Strike bowling rink. This is no ordinary game of bowling. No, at the Lucky Strike, you’re in for an high-end experience with a fully-decked lounge, delicious drinks, and lots of fun all evening long. Having opened in 2009, it’s a local favorite and tourist attraction in one.

If your quick meal didn’t satisfy you, no worries: You’re in for a treat with a nouveau-style assortment of menu items to choose from. The kitchen is open until midnight. Arrive for Happy Hour, which takes place Monday to Friday, from 3 p.m.to 7 p.m. and on Wednesdays from 9 p.m. to midnight. What will make you happy during happy hour? Six dollar specialty cocktails and three dollar beers will give you guaranteed smiles, and if you really are lucky, you’ll swing a full strike in no time.

Main Street Houston
Main Street in Houston.

Late Night

After a great game of bowling, drinks, and food, complete your Houston experience at the Flying Saucer Restaurant. Located right on Main Street at Capitol, they stay open until 2 a.m. on Thursday to Saturday nights. Enjoy choosing from a huge selection of beers, some of which are quite rare. For dining, choose from classic bar nibbles like hot wings or goat cheese salad.

If you’re seeking a more fancy affair, then consider checking out Hearsay Gastro Lounge, which is decked out in downtown Houston’s historic W. L. Foley Building. This space was once the Civil War’s Confederate armory. Now, visitors benefit from its gorgeous high ceilings and the chandeliers that decorate the space. A variety of beverages, from wines to whiskeys, are available.

Where To Stay In Houston

When you’re planning a stay in Houston, Texas, choose where to stay wisely. You’ll want to be accessible to all the amazing museums the city has to offer, as well as to their impressive restaurants and eateries. Here are some options to consider.


If you are seeking a beautiful hotel that’s located in the center of the action, then look no further than the Hotel Icon, right downtown. A winner of several awards, it is situated right on Main Street, making all of your needs easy to reach. Even if you’re in the city for a quick visit, you’ll be able to see and do all you wish.

However, this hotel isn’t just about convenience. It offers up a solid sense of refined yet casual luxury, with a unique style that will make you feel at home. Guestrooms offer wide-windowed views onto the city, premium bed sets, and a lavish Southern style. Choose from standard to deluxe options, or consider the penthouse suite. Top-of-the-line amenities are provided throughout the hotel.

On the other hand, after a busy day of shopping and museum visiting, you may simply wish to put your feet up somewhere away from the downtown core. If that’s the case, then look no further than the Omni Houston Hotel at 4 Riverway. This astounding luxury hotel boasts high-end personal service. Need to get in your early morning run? Perfect. The hotel has jogging and biking paths right around the property. There is a full fitness center and two swimming pools, as well.

Need to take care of business while you’re away? No problem. There’s a generous business center, as well as parcel service, laundry service, wi-fi, currency exchange, and 24-hour cuisine. There’s a full-service spa if you need plentiful rest and relaxation. Plus, you’ll be 14 minutes away from the Museum District and eight miles from downtown.


Coming to Houston on a budget? Don’t worry. You can take in all the city has to offer while sleeping cozily. Consider making a reservation at Hostelling International’s Morty Rich Hostel, which is located at Lovett Boulevard in the hip and convenient Montrose area. There are plenty of places to eat in the neighborhood, and all major attractions are accessible via transport. You’ll be sleeping comfortably in the decked-out mansion, which is complete with a swimming pool, comfort den, modern kitchen, and bright rooms. Reception is open 24-hours a day, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask any questions.

Private Rentals

Want to feel right at home? Consider opting for one of Houston’s best Air B ‘n B rentals. Get a little bit outside of the city limits by opting for the “Modern Home in Springbranch,” which offers suite rooms in a beautiful house within a gated community. Peaceful water views are plentiful. Warm hardwood floors welcome you, and a comfortable kitchen will make cooking a pleasure. The price is affordable, and you can get into the city in no time while enjoying quiet evenings outside of it.

A second option for private rentals is the “2BDR/2BTH Midtown/Montrose” Air B n’ B rental, which offers all the convenience and comfort of being in central Houston. This apartment is located in midtown, so getting to all the local museums and amenities will be a breeze.

Can’t wait to book your trip to one of Texas’ best cities? Follow this easy-to-use itinerary. You’ll love the museums and venues, and all the unique amenities this brilliant city has to offer.