Paris is a city of lights, a city of dreams, and a city for love. Many couples choose to visit Paris to enjoy the romantic feel and charm of French culture. There are few places in the world where you can enjoy such a concentration of art, theater, and history. It’s hard to pack all of Paris into one day, but here’s a suggested itinerary to enjoy as much as you can of this majestic city.

The Louvre
The Louvre Museum in Paris.

Morning: Visit the Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum is one of the highest-revered collections of art in the world. Visitors travel from all over to see Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and wonder at the mysteries of her tight-lipped smile. Guests wander through detailed marble statues, enormous renaissance battle scenes, and intimate paintings of lovers and royalty. Before you go, check to see what temporary exhibits are on display, as you might see something no one else has seen in the Louvre before.

The museum is open every day except Tuesday, and guests can follow along on Audio Guides from their iPhone, Android, and Nintendo 3DS XL devices. There are also guided tours and workshops that guests can enjoy. The Louvre Museum staff encourage guests to buy their tickets in advance, as lines for admission can get long during crowded days. Also, recent security upgrades make it hard for visitors traveling with luggage, so consider storing your suitcases at your hotel or in local lockers before visiting the museum.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Mid-Morning: Stop by the Cathedral of Notre-Dame

After spending the morning at the Louvre, prepare for the Notre-Dame Cathedral‘s beauty and splendor to take your breath away. This cathedral is still active, so guests can light a candle for a loved one, attend Catholic mass, and listen to the church choir practice. Some visitors might want to check when mass is to attend a sermon in French and feel the energy during the procession.

In 2013, the cathedral turned 850 years old, which means guests can see how the community and culture evolved around this structure. Guests can pick up audio tour guides at the front or wander through the cathedral on their own. Notre-Dame is open throughout the year and admission is free. The building is also wheelchair accessible.

One of the most notable reasons for visiting Notre-Dame is its stained-glass windows. On sunny days, these windows cast multicolored lights across the floor of the cathedral, creating long arcs across the floor. Regardless of your religious beliefs, this building is an essential stop to feel the history and energy of Paris.

Arc de Triomphe
The Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Mid-Day: See the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Élysées

The Arc de Triomphe in Paris was built between 1806 and 1836. It symbolizes unity, victory, and pride in French culture. Visitors can find the Arc de Triomphe in the center of the Place Charles de Gaulle in the west end of the Champs-Élysées. While visiting the Arc itself, guests can also see the Memorial Flame and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to pay their respects to fighters who have fallen keeping the city safe. Visitor information is available from 10 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. on most days.

While they’re visiting the Arc de Triomphe, guests can explore the Champs-Élysées. Many locals believe the Champs-Élysées is the most famous avenue in the world, and it’s certainly one of the top streets in Europe. Champs-Elysées translates to “Elysian Fields,” reflecting the idea that this street is heavenly. While this avenue is beautiful, it’s also busy. Some guests might prefer to visit during off hours to enjoy the walkway without the bustle of crowds.

Guests can take a walk straight from the Louvre Museum down the Champs-Elysées to the Arc de Triomphe to fully enjoy the sights of Paris and culture of this city. Along the way, they can see parks, monuments, and cafes filled with coffee and pastries to entice shoppers. It’s possible to spend an entire day just on this avenue.

Afternoon: Take a Half-Day Tour of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is known for its sprawling grounds, endless rooms, and impressive decor. Few houses or palaces can top the sheer size and cost of this residence. The palace is located just 16 miles outside of Paris, making it an easy day trip either by tour or on your own. If you’re taking the metro, it should take less than an hour to navigate the Paris underground to reach the location. The Palace of Versailles is open almost every day except Mondays and major holidays.

It’s hard to see the entire palace in one visit, which is why the curators developed sample tours and routes for visitors to prioritize their time at Versailles based on their interests. Consider spending the afternoon wandering through the gardens taking in fountains and roses, or tour the coach gallery and learn about this luxury form of transportation used at the time. These guides are meant to concentrate your touring efforts, so you’re sure to see exactly what you want at the palace.

Evening: Walk Around the Eiffel Tower

Most visitors stop by the Eiffel Tower several times during their stay in Paris. They might ride to the top during the day to get a view of the city, and then return at night to enjoy the monument completely lit up. It’s no wonder the Eiffel Tower has captivated visitors from around the world and is globally recognized as a symbol of Paris.

The tower is open until 11 p.m. on most days, and guests can explore three different floors and dine at the tower’s restaurant. There is a special tower quest for children visitors so they can learn about the history of this icon and the city in a fun and interactive way. There should be fewer crowds later in the evening, so experts recommend this time as the best option for visiting the Eiffel Tower. Visiting at night also gives you the chance to take some impressive photos and walk around the lights of this romantic city.

Mona Lisa
Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris.

Where to Stay in Paris

The popularity of Paris as a tourist destination means guests may struggle to find the right accommodation during the peak travel months. While there are plenty of hotel, hostel, and guesthouse options available, the high demand means you might consider staying a little outside the city during your visit. However, if you do plan to find a hotel inside the city center, here are a few top-notch options that you can enjoy.

Hotel Le 123 Sebastopol – Astotel

Guests who want to stay at a modern hotel can enjoy Le 123 Sebastopol, which is a 10-minute walk from sights like the Pompidou Centre and the Opera and Marais. Guests can enjoy a buffet breakfast, handmade cocktails in the evening, and a private cinema to watch some of their favorite films.

The hotel is completely dedicated to cinema, and guests will feel like movie stars from the moment they check in. Each room is designed differently with different themes, movie images, and props. You might even want to check to see what other rooms look like, since the hotel feels like an interactive film museum.

Pullman Paris Montparnasse Hotel

If you want to pull back the curtains in the morning and see the sprawling city of Paris waking up before your eyes, then consider booking the Pullman Paris Montparnasse Hotel. This hotel is located just yards from Gare Montparnasse train station near the Eiffel Tower. The surrounding area is known for its shops, theaters, and restaurants, so you can enjoy the city just by walking outside and taking a few steps around the block.

This four-star hotel allows pets for an additional fee and offers free Wi-Fi to all guests. There are 957 rooms across 25 floors, with 113 rooms specifically designed for families. Stop by the concierge and ask what temporary events and exhibits are nearby, so you can participate in the community events offered in the area.

Mercure Paris Centre Eiffel Tower Hotel

The Mercure Paris Centre Eiffel Tower Hotel is a midscale hotel, ideal for travelers who want their accommodation to help them escape from the bustle of the city after a long day of sightseeing. As the name sounds, this hotel is close to the Eiffel Tower, so you never have to worry about getting lost or forgetting where you’re staying. In fact, of the 405 rooms at this hotel, 31 have views of the Eiffel Tower, so you can wake up and see this fantastic monument.

This hotel offers WiFi and has a fitness center. Parking is available, though public transportation is close by. Guests can also keep pets at this hotel for an additional fee.

However you plan to see Paris, make sure you plan your visit through GoDoTrip, so you can enjoy the best options, deals, and tours for your stay. You’re sure to create lasting romantic memories or return with exciting tales of Parisian adventures.