Seattle, Washington, is, in many ways, the hub of the Pacific Northwest. Its spot on the Puget Sound gives it beautiful waterfronts and unique weather. With over a hundred years of history as an American city, Seattle is a vibrant spot for a wonderful visit. The population is below one million, so you’ll enjoy big city amenities without the unbearable crowds of larger metro areas.


Start your day in Seattle with a delicious local breakfast. Hit up Biscuit Bitch at 1909 1st Ave for a Pacific Northwestern twist on delicious Southern breakfast dishes. Try the classic biscuits and gravy, or go a little overboard with the Hot Mess Bitch, which includes sausage, jalapenos, and garlic grits.

Another delicious option is Sweet Iron at 1200 3rd Ave. This waffle shop has both sweet and savory waffles. The bacon and real maple syrup is a delightful way to start your day.

Visit Pike Place

The Pike Place Market is one of the most iconic destinations in Seattle, and a must-see stop during your trip to the city. Begin your tour at the corner of First and Pike. You don’t need a destination in mind, because strolling through hundreds of shops, eateries, and other fun destinations will easily occupy two hours of your Seattle day.

Stop at the Seattle Great Wheel for a picturesque view of the water. Take a ride on the wheel, which takes between 10 and 20 minutes to make a circuit depending on how many people are in line to ride it. Each gondola fits eight people, so you can go solo or take a crew with you.

Check out the Pike Place Urban Garden, too. This rooftop growing space has more than 600 pounds of vegetables which feed 300 low-income families living near the market. In this quiet spot, you can sit on benches to get away from the crowd or look down upon the street for fantastic pictures.

Pioneer Square
Pioneer Square in the south area of downtown.

Enjoy Lunch

Get a crusty twist on lunch by visiting Serious Pie at 316 Virginia St. Serious Pie has clever pizza options with toppings like smoked guanciale and Penn Cove clams.

Head to 999 3rd Ave to visit Sound Soups, the perfect spot if the day happens to be gray or rainy. Heat up your insides with more than a dozen soup options. Vegan chili is a must try!

Take a Tour

Seattle has lots of interesting history and facts that you can’t possibly learn in one day. Help yourself out a bit by taking a tour of some of the coolest areas Seattle has to offer. Walking tours are a great way to stretch your legs after lunch and to see some of Seattle’s beautiful architecture and intriguing spaces.

Try the National Geographic Pioneer Square walking tour. You don’t need a tour guide for this one, just follow the steps to some of Seattle’s coolest historical spots. Each spot, from Smith Tower to the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park, has great learning opportunities.

If you want a tour guide, head to Bill Speidel’s Underground Tours. Get a look at the Seattle of the 19th century, which now exists underground thanks to a great fire and building efforts directly atop the damaged structures. The tour is 75 minutes and leads you through subterranean intrigue, depositing you in Pioneer Square, where you can take some extra time to explore the surface attractions.

Seattle Chinatown
Chinatown-International District in Seattle.

Hit the Space Needle

Go to the top of the Space Needle for panoramic views, and on your way back down, stop in the Museum of Pop Culture, which is right nearby. The Museum offers lots of interactive exhibits, including musical instruments and an entire area dedicated to science fiction.

Dine in Style

Stop at one of Seattle’s best restaurants for dinner before you embark on your evening’s adventures. Metropolitan Grill, located at 820 2nd Ave, is a classic steakhouse with some of the best cuts of meat in the city. If you want Mediterranean cuisine, you can’t go wrong with Andaluca at 407 Olive Way. Paella is one of their specialties, so you’ve got to try it.

Attend the Seattle Symphony

Spend your evening listening to amazing music by the Seattle Symphony. This collection of musicians has won 2 Emmys and been nominated for more than a dozen Grammys. The rotation of music and shows changes periodically. Sometimes they perform famous classical compositions, and other times they take a contemporary bent. Either way, they’re worth a listen.